Doug believes in the power of music to empower people, to makes music that moves you and makes you think, creating a safe space for people to discover for themselves that which makes a difference for them.

He encourages people to follow their hearts, aspirations, and dreams for one and only one reason,

“Because We Can!’

“People can do or be anything they want, just by saying so.  First we must declare it (out loud!) and then build the structure to fulfill on our declarations, without being bound by what the past informs us as ‘truth’.  We ALL have the ability to make our own ‘truth’, (whatever that means) LOL”

Doug wants his music to create “that which makes a difference for people and their lives, leaving them transformed with power, confidence, and peace of mind.”  If it happens to rock, all the better!

Doug is no longer bound by the strict labels that the music “business” tries to force on artists.  While being dedicated to Rock And Roll, he is  compelled to explore possibilities beyond the confines of “Rock” or “Pop” or whatefer format of the month is popular.  He doesn’t just welcome musical diversity, he celebrates it.